About us

Hi, My name is Auri, I'm a London based contemporary artist. Welcome to Artobello, an online art website showcasing my original art, modern paintings and contemporary art screen prints

I'm a self taught artist and I’ve been teaching and experimenting with modern art since 2006. My journey into the art world started when a graffiti artist friend of mine showed me how he creates his work. I was impressed and curious to know if I would be able to create something myself. So I found myself in an art shop buying brushes, paints and canvas. 

My first painting didn’t really come out the way I wanted but I didn’t give up, I created another which I managed to sell, the money I got from it was invested into more art materials. At that point, I knew that art is my calling.

The thing that motivates me most is that there are no rules in art, I can create whatever I want, how I want. 

Through my learning and experimenting, I discovered screen printing and attended a course out of curiosity to find out how Andy Warhol (who is one of my favourite artists) had been creating his work and of course, I absolutely loved it. It took me a good year or so to get the results I wanted.

These days, I love mixing these two techniques; painting and screen printing. Allot of the time, people ask me what style my artwork is and honestly, I don’t really put myself in any style category. I just love painting and creating art and I like doing different things all the time. However, I think that sometimes you will see some street art and pop art influences in my work. For me art is a bit like traveling, discovering new things and learning something new with every piece I create.

Why Artobello? well it's simple, I started selling my artwork in London's Portobello Market and that’s where the name comes from. You can find me there every Saturday. It's a special place for me as I get to meet the people who admire my work and want to live with my art. 

It's so motivating for me when people buy my art, to know that my work is appreciated and is hanging on the walls of someone's home. That in itself rewarding.

If you have any questions about my work or if you would like to commission a special piece for yourself or as a gift, please do not hesitate to get in touch